Discover Tenerife and Puerto de la Cruz

Discover Tenerife and Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz

Although it is the smallest municipality in Tenerife, with 8.7 km2, Puerto de la Cruz has attractions such as its protected historic center or a wide sea front, perfect for long and calm walks. It occupies the coast of the Orotava Valley in an impressive landscape dominated by the 3,718-meters-high Mount Teide on its horizon. Its pleasant climate made it the first tourist center in the Canary Islands, since the British Medical Society of the 19th century recommended it as an ideal enclave. It has temperatures that range between 22 ºC and 15 ºC that allow you to enjoy the sea, the outdoors and tranquility throughout the year.  


This coastal municipality, with a great hotel tradition – and more than twenty thousand tourist beds in the present – has welcomed such renowned visitors as Alexander Von Humboldt, Agatha Christie, William Wilde, Michael Jackson, André Breton or The Beatles, among others. The combination created by its flower gardens, black sand beaches, its commercial area by the sea and its picturesque cobbled streets captivates the visitor and offers a wide variety of activities for the whole family. 


Puerto de la Cruz has been considered a Place of National Tourist Interest since 1955 due to its extensive history as a rest and vacation center. Its valuable and well-kept historic center, with more than 140 protected buildings, is a delight for walkers, both tourists and locals, who walk its streets throughout the year. It has the highest density of restaurants and shops on the Island, so the options for a meal and a day of shopping are inexhaustible. It is especially recommended to visit the traditional fishing neighborhood of La Ranilla, which since 2014 has had an innovative proposal, Puerto Street Art. An open-air museum where 13 world-famous artists have materialized their works on large walls. 


Puerto de la Cruz is also an ideal destination to practice active tourism and enjoy the more than a thousand kilometers of trails on the Island, with the 0-4-0 route as the best example. Its exuberant nature also allows you to enjoy paragliding at the foot of Mount Teide. The sea offers a multitude of sports activities, from paddle surfing or body boarding to diving. In addition, the spectacular underwater volcanic tube known as La Rapadura attracts numerous expert scuba divers every year. Those who want to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean a bit more slowly can choose between the natural pools of San Telmo, the volcanic sand beaches or the Lago Martiánez pool complex.

Lago Martiánez

The Costa Martiánez leisure complex or Lago Martiánez as it is popularly known is a set of swimming pools by the sea, but it is also a garden and an open-air sculpture museum. A place of relaxation where you can enjoy the sun and water in a captivating environment with unique architecture and where art is breathed in every corner. 


In order to better understand the morphology of the complex, it is best to divide it into three zones determined by their execution date. In this way, the first and oldest would be the area of the San Telmo pools, adjoining at its western end the hermitage of the same name. The second area is made up of Las Piscinas called Los Alisios, a set of three pools that occupy the central part of the complex. Finally, and occupying an area of more than 30,000 m2 we find the Lake area which is located in the eastern part of the facilities.


Tenerife is the first and only Spanish island that has achieved the title of Smart Tourist Destination, obtaining it with a degree of compliance of more than 80%, so it is not surprising that the island has become a preferred destination in Spain for the digital nomad community and has positioned itself in the ranking of the top 10 in the world. 


In the main ranking of destinations for digital nomads, NomadList, Tenerife appears among the top 10 positions, resulting in a very attractive destination for this constantly growing community that the UNWTO estimates to be as high as 300 million people. 


The Cabildo de Tenerife’s project Why Tenerife? has the Work & Play program, which deals with specific advice for coworkers and has around 30 establishments dedicated to coworking and 2 dedicated to coliving where people live and telework. Due to events like this, which seeks to attract and retain nomadic talent, the prestige of Tenerife increases within the global digital nomad community. Tenerife Digital Nomad Fest complements the extensive tourist offer on the island with an event aimed at this public.