Ángel Stanich TRÍO

Ángel Stanich is a folk-rock singer/songwriter born in Santander, Spain in 1991. He is often compared to artists such as Albert Pla, Quique González, and Kiko Veneno due to his eccentric, even surrealist, kind of songwriting. Stanich showed up in the local Valladolid scene around 2010 and became friends with members of rock group Arizona Baby. One member, Javier Vielba, would become the producer for Stanich's debut album Camino Acido, released in 2014. Stanich continued developing his unique style on the EPs Cuatro Truenos Cayeron and SIBONEY. Antigua y Barbuda, his second full-length, arrived in November 2017. After a period of silence, he came back with El Volver.

2022-06-03 Concierto