Gonçalo Hall

Gonçalo Hall is the CEO at NomadX, one of the biggest nomad communities in the world with physical communities in Madeira, Cabi Verde and Lisbon.

Also, he launched projects like the Remote Work Movement, Future of Work Conferences, Remote Portugal and Remote Europe in order to help the movement grow and spread.

The Digital Nomad Village is Gonçalo’s popular project, being developed in Ponta do Sol, Madeira Island, where he is building a community of digital nomads focused on positive local impact and deep human connections. The project was featured in CNN, Washington Post, Lonely Planet, Irish Times and many other international publications.

He started working with the Cabo Verde government to replicate the project and attract thousands of remote workers and entrepreneurs to the beautiful islands of Africa, helping digitalizing and educating the local population to work remotely from Cabo Verde to any company around the world. He is also the host of the Remote Movement Podcast where he interviews people making a ruckus in the remote world.

Twitter: @Gonzohall
Position: CEO at NomadX
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