Gui Perdrix

Gui Perdrix is a coliving influencer, author of the Art of Coliving and director at Co-Liv. After years in the startup and marketing industries, Gui built out Co-Liv, the global association of coliving professionals, from 2 to 40 contributors in less than two years - all of that while being completely remote and running with very little rules. 

Gui Perdrix has visited more than 100 coliving spaces to understand the fundamentals of coliving building. Gui used to be a coliving operator himself, running several pop-up coliving spaces in four continents. Having worked with major coliving developers, Gui shares unpublished content that will transform your coliving operations to next levels of success.

Gui Perdrix has also been a digital nomad for 6 years, is a DJ and speaker on the topics of future of work and living. He directs most of his time educating the real estate sector on future trends, and works with coliving operators to create human-centered living products.

Twitter: @guiperdrix
Position: Author of Art of Coliving - Director at Co-Liv
2022-06-02 Remote ≠ Disconnected