José Luis Cáceres

osé Luis Cáceres is an expert in reinventing sectors by combining the internet and technology. Industrial engineer, entrepreneur and resilient. Digital entrepreneur since 1997; grateful of learning how to validate, develope and accelerate online ideas with passion and surrounded with the best disrupting digital pioneers.

Since December 2014 learning how Blockchain technology can help others and how to convert ideas in real projects through an Innovation Lab with a MVP Factory and a big pioneer ecosystem with more than 80K followers, up to 3.8K registered per meeting and high impact in the media with hundreds of TIER1 mentions. Some of these promoted projects: Bit2me, Tikebit, Blocknap, Ibisa, 100Thanks, SmartRights or Adwatch among many others.

Twitter: @jlcaceresp
Position: Chief Marketing Officer - Bit2me
2022-06-05 Going crypto