Los Pilotos

This is the parallel project of Florent and Banin, from iconic Spanish band Los Planetas. A dilution of guitar pop in electronics that gives birth to an instrumental, organic and cinematic sound. Rainbows of guitars shine between clouds of keyboards dancing to suggestive rhythms, as if bridging the gap between the melodic romanticism of the instrumentals of Felt or Durutti Column and the electronic psychedelia that travels from Kraut-rock to Seefeel or Animal Collective. They add up and create melodies in which there is room for minimalist electronica, ambient and IDM. They even manage to alternate moments of darkness with much brighter ones, as if a somewhat contained Panda Bear and Aphex Twin decided to experiment together.

In their role as producers, they have made remixes for The Suicide Of Western Culture or the Venezuelan group Algodon Egipcio. They have produced the yellow disc that is part of one of the four Eps that make up Fangoria's eleventh studio album, Cuatricromía, as well as the song "Ni dios ni monsters" that is included in the extended edition of Policromía. In 2021, Los Pilotos releases ‘Alianza Atlántica’, their third album, an ambitious and valuable treatise on contemporary Latin American popular electronic music.

2022-06-03 Concierto